LONDON October 2023 – CMAC 

Every year, Dr. Decates is one of the speakers at an international conference on complications in cosmetic medicine. This year Dr. Decates gave a lecture about the different causes which together can lead to such complications. In summary, Dr. Decates advises you to first: do your homework before being treated with botox or fillers. Go […]

Stockholm June 2023 – Beauty Through Science

June 2023 Stockholm, Sweden. At this international conference on cosmetic procedures with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and cosmetic doctors from all over the world, Dr. Tom Decates was allowed to give a presentation about his scientific research. How can you prevent complications and when they do arise, how to resolve them!

SEASON 2023 Aesthetic Congress in Washington DC

May 2023 Congress in Washigton DC, America Dr. Tom Decates was invited, together with his mentor dr. Peter Velthuis, to lecture at the SEASON 2023 Aesthetic Congress in Washington DC, USA which offered unique opportunities for individualized, interactive and hands-on learning on all aspects of aesthetic medicine. Together with a stellar global faculty he offered the […]

IMCAS 2023 Congress in Paris

At IMCAS 2023 Congress in Paris Dr. Decates lectured about his scientific research and afterwards was invited to an amazing gala dinner with his wife. IMCAS brings together the latest evidence-based techniques from prominent speakers and the newest developments from major industry players, so that doctors meet and learn from the best in the fields of dermatology, […]

Interactive lecture by the University of the Netherlands

Cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular. Reshaping your lips with fillers is therefore no longer taboo. But what are the risks? dr. Tom Decates, Cosmetic Physician KNMG explains it all in this interactive lecture by the University of the Netherlands.

Studio Erasmus – the standardization of cosmetic procedures

Worden fillers en botox straks hetzelfde als een nieuw kapsel? Cosmetisch arts Tom Decates en eclectisch wWill fillers and botox soon become the same as a new haircut? Cosmetic doctor Tom Decates and eclectic scientist Anne Mette Hermans talk in Studio Erasmus about the standardization of cosmetic procedures. What do people do to themselves and […]

Cosmetic doctor Tom Decates promoted

Tom received his doctorate on October 12. He is a founder in the field of scientific research within cosmetic medicine. His focus is on fillers and the possible complications. Tom did an excellent job of defending himself during his PhD and building a stronger scientific foundation for his profession. Tom offered tools to further develop […]

Perfect Me – VPRO Tegenlicht

“Being beautiful has many advantages: you do better in the relationship market, in finding a job, a house and a network. But who decides what is beautiful? And how do you compete with your idealized, digital, self?” Online we massively filter our selfies to look better, but injecting “real” lips and buttocks is also taking […]

Are temporary fillers dangerous? Not with a cosmetic doctor KNMG!

tijdelijke fillers gevaarlijk

The popularity of fillers has grown tremendously in recent years, and it is now a trend in the beauty world to fill in the lips, for example, with a temporary filler. But are such temporary fillers dangerous? More and more people wonder whether injecting temporary fillers is safe, but fortunately I can reassure you: temporary […]

Complications from unprofessional cosmetic treatments

Avrotros Monday, January 6, 2020 Cosmetic treatments are in demand: people go for flawless skins and full lips. The “ideal images” on social media. They include, for example, filling the lips with a hyaluronic pen or a treatment with plasma energy to tighten the skin. Treatments with these and other devices, however, are surgical treatments […]