Sophie Hilbrand in the wrinkles

Sophie Hillebrand visited Kliniek Amstelveen with her BNN program Sophie in de Kreukels. Dr. Refaat Karim, Plastich Surgeon, Dr. Peter Velthuis, Dermatologist, Drs. Leonie Schelke, Cosmetic Doctor and Drs. Tom Decates, Cosmetic Doctor do consultations here to solve the complications of fillers. In this episode, the dangers of injecting (semi-) permanent fillers into the penis are discussed.

Dr. Tom Decates and his team are able to resolve the complications of fillers with a laser technique. In this, he collaborates with the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and the VUmc in Amsterdam. Tom Decates is affiliated with both hospitals as a scientific researcher.

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Dr. Decates
Medisch Laser Centrum - Amsterdam
Kliniek Veldhoven