IMCAS 2023 Congress in Paris

At IMCAS 2023 Congress in Paris Dr. Decates lectured about his scientific research and afterwards was invited to an amazing gala dinner with his wife. IMCAS brings together the latest evidence-based techniques from prominent speakers and the newest developments from major industry players, so that doctors meet and learn from the best in the fields of dermatology, […]

Interactive lecture by the University of the Netherlands

Cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular. Reshaping your lips with fillers is therefore no longer taboo. But what are the risks? dr. Tom Decates, Cosmetic Physician KNMG explains it all in this interactive lecture by the University of the Netherlands.

Studio Erasmus – the standardization of cosmetic procedures

Worden fillers en botox straks hetzelfde als een nieuw kapsel? Cosmetisch arts Tom Decates en eclectisch wWill fillers and botox soon become the same as a new haircut? Cosmetic doctor Tom Decates and eclectic scientist Anne Mette Hermans talk in Studio Erasmus about the standardization of cosmetic procedures. What do people do to themselves and […]

Perfect Me – VPRO Tegenlicht

“Being beautiful has many advantages: you do better in the relationship market, in finding a job, a house and a network. But who decides what is beautiful? And how do you compete with your idealized, digital, self?” Online we massively filter our selfies to look better, but injecting “real” lips and buttocks is also taking […]

Dr. Decates at Jinek

This past Monday evening, Dr. Decates was featured on the high-profile program Jinek. In this episode Tom talks about what science tells us about the increasing treatments of Botox and fillers among young people and young adults. See the full episode here

Dr Decates at the Telegraph

On October 22, 2020, guest of the Telegraph.Pim Sedee interviews Tom Decates about the use of injectables in young people, methods and complications. “Cosmetic doctor Tom Decates is very concerned. More and more young people are taking a selfie with a filter to a clinic. They want to look as much like the edited version […]

Young people much more likely to use botox, sometimes disastrous effect

Under my direction, Erasmus MC conducted a new study on treatments with botox and fillers among 18-25-year-olds. In the AD of July 1, 2020, I explained some of the results. A selection from the article: Decates calls the increase “striking because it involves a vulnerable age group.” Teens and 20-somethings – who sometimes come along […]