With botulinum toxin and fillers, I am able to make anyone, naturally, more beautiful!


Dr. Decates

Doctor Tom S. Decates (1980) studied medicine at the AMC, affiliated with the University of Amsterdam. After that he gained three years of plastic surgery experience in Amsterdam, Leiden and Eindhoven. He then specialized fully in Botulinum toxin and Fillers in 2011. Since 2016 he is doing scientific research on the complications of fillers at the Amsterdam UMC and the ErasmusMC in Rotterdam. Doctor Decates is married and has two sons.


I think we are on the earth to help other people. When I was young, I thought, “The ultimate way to help people is to be a doctor.” As I got older, I found out that I like to make things. Drawing and painting, for example.


In all the steps and decisions I take, I think of my wife and my children, they mean everything to me!


I once started as a healthcare entrepreneur because I believe that things should and could be different. The patient must come first again!


You don’t have to fear for wrinkles in your forehead, hanging eyelids and thin lips these days: treatment with botox or fillers is becoming increasingly normal. But figures that came out last week show that things regularly go wrong. “We saw so many complications that we started a complications consultation.”

Decates also charts how many filler treatments are performed each year and how often things go wrong. In 2016, there were 390,000 cosmetic treatments, of which 150,000 were filler treatments. Complications occurred in five hundred cases that year.

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