Exercise for your skin

We all know that exercise is good for you. Your muscles, your heart and lungs are put to the test and your cellular energy supply and combustion increase.
Your engine turns on to deliver performance and regular exercise improves that performance.

But did you know that exercising is also good for your skin?
Because your blood is pumped around faster to deliver oxygen and nutrients, it automatically takes waste products back with it faster. Your liver and kidneys clean your blood, so you can’t think of it as detoxification. You can see it as an accelerated metabolism in your cells which cleanses the cell from the inside out.

Just try to clean a dirty bottle with a little water, it’s not that easy, but if you run hot water through it, all the residue will come loose.

Also, exercise has stress lowering effect, so indirectly, exercise makes you feel less stressed, sleep better, have better bowel movements etc.
And all these small changes also have an effect on your skin.

So don’t put it off and start doing that lap run, those stretches and those push-ups again!


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