Far from being back to normal

Virologist Marion Koopmans (advisor to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the World Health Organization WHO) tells us that the Coronavirus is likely to come in our winter package.

The idea that we will return to normal around May can be forgotten.
The virus will most likely come back several times with fewer and less high peaks.

Most people will make antibodies on their own and become immune, the more vulnerable groups will have to pay close attention and wait for a vaccine.

The tricky thing about the virus is that testing isn’t going to make a whole lot of difference. You only have a good measurable immune response four weeks after infection, and the first cases in the Netherlands were six weeks ago.
So if we wanted to test properly, we would have to test the whole of the Netherlands every week.

So Corona is not going to leave us for a while and all we can really do ourselves is make sure we are strong and healthy enough when we get the virus.
In addition, if we follow the prescribed rules, many people in the risk group will avoid the virus.


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