Did you know that the Dutch are the only people in the world who can milk peanuts and make cheese from them! Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) come from South America and are also called groundnuts, groundnuts, oil nuts and monkey nuts.
They grow in a special way. After fertilization of the flower, the stem grows into the ground after which pods form in which the peanuts grow.

So it is not a nut at all but a legume and belongs to the beans!

If you have a peanut allergy you are out of luck, but peanuts are so very healthy. They are full of wonderful nutrients such as:
23 – 30% high-quality protein
45 – 50% healthy fatty acids
8 – 10% fiber
13 – 16% carbohydrates

as well as vitamins and minerals:
Folic Acid
Vitamin E

It’s too much to go into in depth.
Read on here if it interests you.

A handful of peanuts or a peanut butter sandwich a day is already a very good addition to your daily diet.
And so there is nothing wrong with feeding yourself and your children lots of peanut butter!

And therefore ?

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