Are you stressed, or have you been stressed a lot? Start investigating where that came/came from.
Make sure you have less stress, or preferably none, in the coming year!

Everyone is familiar with it. Some more than others. Sometimes stress is necessary and good in certain situations. Your body goes into overdrive and all kinds of hormones are released that gives you a sharp view of the world. On the other hand, too much or prolonged stress is disastrous for your body.

Our reptilian brain takes over when stressed. This part of your brain is the oldest part and takes care of all kinds of basic functions that you don’t have to think about (breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation etc). The reptilian brain doesn’t think or remember anything.
Unfortunately, it does have a major impact on your body when you are under stress: The fight or flight mode.

You want to have that mode on as little as possible. After all, it causes all kinds of problems in the long run:

poor digestion
muscle tension
faster heart rate
higher blood sugar
sexual dysfunctions
abdominal pain
lowered resistance
And more

In my previous posts, you can read how precisely sufficient sleep, good digestion and good resistance have a positive effect on your body.
So this only causes degradation.

Consciously resisting stress helps! Take a moment for yourself several times a day and register how you feel.
Then make conscious choices about how you plan your day in relation to the stress.

Haste is antithetical to quality (yay even as an ambulance driver). So in addition to making you feel better, you are also helping your environment!

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