Busy busy busy.

Being busy is socially desirable and a status symbol in our Western culture.

Just say out loud, “I have nothing to do this week” and register your feelings with that.
Are you already filling up your week with fun things? Stop, no, this week you have nothing to do.

Research shows us that being busy is usually unnecessary and counterproductive.
Doing a lot has little to do with getting a lot done and yet that is what being busy is trying to accomplish.

It turns out, for example, that if we look at an object for a long time, we hardly register that object anymore.So if you are busy with something for a long time that offers too little challenge, then your brain will automatically start looking for new challenges.
So being busy has little influence on success. Focus does!

We can focus best when we take short breaks where our brains are engaged in something else for a while.
Think 30 minutes of focus and 5 minutes of break.
You will continue to think more clearly and will get more, done in less time.

Don’t take yourself too seriously, relax and have fun. Stimulate your brain in the right way.
Success is achieved with the right focus and mindset.

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