The approach to Obesity in Chile works!

Did you know that there are about 7 lumps of sugar in 1 glass of Coke?

To combat obesity, Chile passed a new law in 2016. This law makes it mandatory (as on cigarette packaging) to place a warning on products with exorbitant amounts of sugars, sodium or saturated fats.
Also, no marketing for these types of products may be done in and around schools.

The reduction in consumption is around almost 24%! The effectiveness is thus far above that of other policy implementations such as the sugar tax.

What then?
Well, water! We are made up of about 60% water, so water is immediately one of the most important elements we need to replenish our bodies on a daily basis. So tea is good too. As long as it stays close to the source.

Products from which the fibre has been extracted (fruit juice) and refined products are strongly discouraged.
Do not make orange juice, but throw a banana and some forest fruits in the blender. The fibres ensure that all those sugars are slowly released into your blood.

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