Are temporary fillers dangerous? Not with a cosmetic doctor KNMG!

The popularity of fillers has grown tremendously in recent years, and it is now a trend in the beauty world to fill in the lips, for example, with a temporary filler. But are such temporary fillers dangerous? More and more people wonder whether injecting temporary fillers is safe, but fortunately I can reassure you: temporary fillers are not dangerous, provided they are used correctly.

Permanent and temporary fillers

So where does this fear of fillers come from? Perhaps because people don’t know that there is a difference between permanent and temporary fillers. Permanent fillers are indeed dangerous and are now even banned because they can cause irreparable damage. Temporary fillers, on the other hand, are of a completely different calibre: these fillers consist of 95% of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is natural to the body, which provides elasticity to the skin and is absorbed by the body over time. This is why we speak of a temporary filler: after a few months to a year and a half, the effect disappears. 

Certified cosmetic doctor

So, are temporary fillers dangerous? The fillers themselves are not, as they simply contain a substance that is present in everybody. Also, these fillers have been extensively tested and labelled as safe. It is true, however, that the enormous popularity of fillers has caused many non-competent doctors to also inject fillers. And there is a danger in that. Without recognition by the Netherlands Society of Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG) and the Royal Dutch Society for the Advancement of Medicine (KNMG), a doctor is officially not a cosmetic doctor, and therefore you have no certainty about the experience or the means used – with all its consequences. If you want to safely have temporary fillers injected, you should always do this by a recognized cosmetic doctor KNMG. Otherwise, you are not assured of the skill and knowledge that is so important for this type of injection!

Complications with temporary fillers

Very occasionally, however, complications can occur with a temporary filler, for example, because of an allergic reaction. However, this does not happen often, and moreover, such complications are often easy to solve, because it is a temporary filler. After all, a temporary result also means that any complications will be temporary. Moreover, as a certified cosmetic doctor, I also specialise in treating and managing complications, so you are in good hands with me! 

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