Beauty is not just inside or out.

I deal with the appearance of my clients on a daily basis. It’s something I enjoy putting a lot of my life into. What drives me in it is that I can improve my quality of life.

Although the golden ratio also works for faces, there are several aspects to being beautiful. We often talk about appearance. Something that cannot be fully grasped. A way of presentation that attracts us so that features of ‘lesser quality are much less noticeable.

As a doctor, I always try to push for radiance. We are not all genetically perfect and even the perfect among us are not perfect. We are and always will be human beings who age all by themselves.

Looking good is something we can control. It’s a combination of being physically healthy, mentally resilient and secure. The flip side is that you have to do something about it. Work out! Eat healthily! Sleeping well! Developing and finding balance in your lifestyle. You’ll feel more confident, fitter and produce hormones that make you happy.

So what exactly is my function?
Sometimes something bothers a client. A mole, a wrinkle or thin skin. An external feature that is sometimes clearly present or sometimes only from your own perception is very present.
An external feature that makes you feel very uncomfortable as a human being can affect your certainty and, as a result, your daily actions.

What I like to help you with as a doctor is reducing that insecurity. If your self-image improves through a small adjustment it can make a world of difference in your daily life.

With a more positive self-image, it can become much easier to exercise than 3x a week, eat healthily and develop.

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