Brussels sprouts

It’s winter, and in winter we eat stew!
You may wonder how we used to get through the winter without the many kinds of fruit we can now get at any time of the year….
How did we get our vitamins?

Nature usually has an answer.
Take Brussels sprouts for example… 1 cup of Brussels sprouts provides you with more than 140% adh vit C.
Vit. C ensures, among other things, that you absorb 67% more non-heme iron (a not so easily absorbed form of iron in plants).

More vitamin K than you need. One cup of brussels sprouts already provides you with 137% of your daily requirement. Vitamin K is good for bones, heart and functioning of the brain.

They are also high in fibre (14% adh per cup) and alpha-lipoic acid. Both help with stabilizing your blood sugar. Another study even shows that 300grams of brussels sprouts a day reduces oxidative stress damage by 28%! Kaempferol (an antioxidant) is linked to reduced growth of cancer cells, relieving inflammation and improving heart health

Omega 3 fatty acids!
Did you think we have to eat fish to get our omega 3 fatty acids?
Nope. Brussels sprouts are full of them. A few small servings a week is enough.Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce blood triglycerides, slow cognitive decline, reduce insulin resistance and reduce inflammation.

What are we eating tonight?
Brussels sprout mash with baked tofu, chestnut mushrooms and walnuts 🙂

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