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Tom received his doctorate on October 12. He is a founder in the field of scientific research within cosmetic medicine. His focus is on fillers and the possible complications. Tom did an excellent job of defending himself during his PhD and building a stronger scientific foundation for his profession. Tom offered tools to further develop his work both substantively and internationally through the use of protocols and collaborations.

Within his field, there are an enormous number of excesses. This has to be stopped in a scientifically substantiated way. Tom contributes to this through his research, his way of working in practice and during the complications consultation.

Cosmetisch art Tom Decates tijdens zijn verdediging
The origin of soft tissue filler adverse events

Formerly Photos of BN’ers, now filters

People used to come up with pictures of famous people they wanted to look like. Nowadays, they come up with pictures of themselves with filters over them. Those filters represent an ideal image that is unrealistic. Doctor Tom Decates treats himself and likes to put the finishing touches on people when they have completely accepted themselves. But Tom is very critical when it comes to people expecting miracles from cosmetic treatments. 

That’s why Tom also works at the complications office at the Erasmus Hospital in Rotterdam. Patients who have undergone filler treatments and then become disfigured regularly visit the clinic. Tom and his colleagues then try everything they can to make someone beautiful and happy again as he or she was. But regularly that is almost impossible. Something has to be done about these excrescences.

Predisposition to complications?

In addition, there are specific groups, where there seems to be a genetic predisposition to complications. Cosmetic doctors and other doctors who inject filler need to be aware of this. A lot of follow-up research is still needed. But it would be nice if in the future you could better inform people in advance about an increased risk of complications and the impact that cosmetic complications can have on your life.

The motto then is, do you want fillers? Go to a licensed cosmetic doctor. Because excess and incompetence harms.

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