Healthy ageing

How can you grow old healthy?

Last Saturday I was a speaker at the Congress of Oral Surgery in Schouwburg Het Park in Hoorn.
There were also other very interesting speakers including Dr. Hanna Willems, Internist-Geriatrician at the Amsterdam UMC.

Did you know that on average you live 8 years longer, healthier when you don’t have high blood pressure, don’t smoke and aren’t overweight?

Of course, it is somewhere in the back of our minds that some things are not good for our bodies, but living an average of 8 years longer is more than noteworthy!!! What would you give to live longer? To feel fitter? Have a healthier body?
Making the move to a healthier lifestyle can sometimes be difficult. It’s often about breaking patterns and freeing up energy/time for things that don’t seem important in the grind of the day.

I myself am becoming more and more aware of the fact: We only have 1 body and we have to take good care of it….
Not only for ourselves but also for our partners, children, family and friends and the footprint we leave on this earth.

I’m increasingly choosing plant-based foods, exercising more (lots of biking and running), and being more structured.
In the process, I notice that the things I do become more valuable. I am more aware of my surroundings and can give more attention to what is in front of me at that moment.

I grant you that too!
How can I motivate you?

Live consciously and healthily, and you will naturally become beautiful!

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