What is a filler?

A filler is an injectable: that means it is an injectable, gel-like filler for the skin. The basis for a filler is formed by hyaluronic acid, a compound that also occurs naturally in our skin and provides elasticity and firmness. But the older we get, the less hyaluronic acid our skin produces by itself. Cosmetic doctors therefore recommend a filler with hyaluronic acid to keep the skin beautiful for longer. Because the sugars in hyaluronic acid have the property of retaining a lot of moisture, this substance is in fact perfect for filling thinning skin and wrinkles.

What does a filler do?

The name says it all: a filler “fills in” parts of your face and creates more volume there. Thus, the contours of the face can be restored and visible lines and wrinkles can be addressed, but fillers are also used to strengthen the skin in places where it is needed. With a very thin needle, the filler and an anesthetic are placed under the skin, making the treatment virtually painless. In about 12 months the substance is broken down by the body, but the treatment can of course be repeated. 

A filler: the possibilities

There are an awful lot of applications possible with a filler, of which a lip filler is probably the most popular. But puffiness, temples, cheekbones and corners of the mouth can also be filled with a filler. To further perfect facial contours, a filler is also often used in the cheeks, nose, jawline or chin. There may even be chosen for a “liquid facelift”: a combination of several treatments with fillers and Botox, which gives the whole face a naturally younger look. Finally, the treatment can be a solution for (acne) scars.

Your unique filler treatment

As appealing as it sounds to tackle all your imperfections: sometimes what you want is not what you need. The trick is often to make a big difference with small changes – a statement that quickly became my motto. As an aesthetician, I can advise you based on your desires: what do you want to achieve, and what steps can we take together? I want you to feel good and beautiful when you look in the mirror, without losing expression.

Fillers or botox?

But which will it be: fillers or botox? Although the two are often mentioned in the same breath, there are important differences. Whereas botox treatment provides a smoother appearance and is often applied to wrinkles, fillers provide volume to lips, cheeks or folds, for example. If you want full lips, you should really go for lip fillers and not botox.




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