September 2016, Dr. Tom Decates has been invited to Cannes to give a lecture about botulinum toxin treatments. In front of plastic surgeons and dermatologists from around the world, he gives a lecture on the ‘Nefertiti lift “. During a live treatment, he ensures that the jaw line and neck of the patient again is […]


In April 2016, Dr. Tom Decates was asked to go with Allergan to the largest conference in the world in cosmetic medicine. Allergan, the maker of genuine Botulinum toxin and fillers of the Juvederm brand. The best plastic surgeons, dermatologists and cosmetic physicians in the world came to discuss in Monaco on Botulinum toxin, Fillers […]

Sophie in de kreukels

Dutch TV-star Sophie Hillebrand visited with her BNN program, ‘Sophie in de kreukels’ Kliniek Amstelveen. Dr. Refaat Karim, plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Velthuis, dermatologist, Dr. Leonie Schelke, Cosmetic Physician and Dr. Tom Decates, Cosmetic Physician fix complications from (semi-) permanent fillers. In this episode are the dangers of injecting (semi-) permanent fillers in the penis […]

Jort Kelder

Along with Dutch TV-star, Jort Kelder Dr.Decates was recently at the Suitsupply at the Willems Parkweg in Amsterdam. This is to promote a new suit and matching bag from “The Jort” collection. Winston Churchill wore his “boiler suit” when the British defeated the Germans in the Second World War. Dr. Decates and Jort Kelder made […]