Sophie in de kreukels

Dutch TV-star Sophie Hillebrand visited with her BNN program, ‘Sophie in de kreukels’ Kliniek Amstelveen. Dr. Refaat Karim, plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Velthuis, dermatologist, Dr. Leonie Schelke, Cosmetic Physician and Dr. Tom Decates, Cosmetic Physician fix complications from (semi-) permanent fillers. In this episode are the dangers of injecting (semi-) permanent fillers in the penis covered. Dr. Tom Decates with his team is able to overcome the complications of fillers with a laser technique. In this he is working with the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam. Dr. Tom Decates bonded to both academic hospitals as a scientific researcher.


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gecertificeerd arts

 NVCG - Nederlandse Vereniging Cosmetische Geneeskunde

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